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Dear Steven:

Steven is awesome! My husband and I moved from the east coast to La Jolla last year, and we don’t know what we would have done without all of his help then and now! Thanks Steven!

Mary and Ryan DeWitt

La Jolla

As an independent residential real estate broker, located in Solana Beach, I have frequent need for a quality real estate attorney. I know that Steve is always going to do great work for me or my clients? - anything from simple contracts to complex real estate issues. He's savvy and ethical and the sort of pro you want on your side when it matters. I like him and I trust him!


Solana Beach

I could not be more satisfied with the the work Mr. Romanoff has provided.  I know there are a lot of real estate attorneys to choose from but very few have the financial knowledge and background to compliment their legal skills. Steve was outstanding at listening to our ideas, and converting them into clear, concise documents. From business advice, to strategy sessions, Steve was insightful, creative and effective.

Adam Baker, Herschel Capital, LLC

Scripps Ranch

Steve has been my attorney for nearly 20 years. Steve is a problem solver. He's thoughtful, efficient, and wise.  I've sought his counsel on dozens of matters, usually with great success. His bill was always fair. A pragmatic attorney you can trust.


San Francisco